To support the health care system in Northern Uganda by providing access to sustainable health care services, disease prevention, nutrition, rehabilitation, medical infrastructure, health education, transportation, and improved quality of life for high-risk, vulnerable village populations. more..

MANU team is going back to Uganda on March 5, 2022. Our next mission is to set up a new maternity ward with 52 beds. We also plan on doing several village outreach clinics and bringing medical supplies and medicine from the United States. Our team includes doctors, a physician assistant, a nurse, pharmacists, and students..more

Loyala honors Dr. Kevin E Hunt, MD with 2020 Alumni award for excellence in the patient service.


We are appealing to the international community to support enhanced medical care in Uganda, empower local residents with knowledge and resources, and save precious lives...more


View photos of some of the thousands of men, women, and children MANU is striving to help. See our skilled, dedicated medical team in action among Northern Uganda villagers...more